To register for Fall 2016, you MUST:

  1. Fill out an application form here: www.eayso.org.
  2. Attend one of our mandatory in-person registration events to complete your application.
  3. We require at least one Volunteer per family. One adult per household must fill out a volunteer application in eAYSO and bring a printed copy with them to the in-person registration events.

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Registration will be held at:
Chaparral Elementary School MPR
29001 Sienna Parkway
Ladera Ranch, CA 92694

March – April 16 Priority Registration $100 $125
All Season Registration $225 $270
April 17 – May 14 Early Season $120 $145
All Season Registration $245 $290
April 16 – 9am -1pm In-Person Registration #1
May 14 – 9am -1pm In-Person Registration #2
May 15 – June 25 Regular Registration $140 $165
All Season Registration $265 $310
June 5 – 11am – 3pm In-Person Registration #3
June 25 – 9am – 1pm In-Person Registration #4
June 26 – July 4 Registration Closed
July 5 – September 10 Wailist $185
  • Ladera Ranch AYSO is dedicated to player development in nature and was formed for participation and competitive fun for our youth. It offers the National AYSO Program, which provides a fast paced and skill based soccer experience for boys and girls from 3 years to 18 years of age.
  • We are an Adult Participation League. That means we need every parent to volunteer their time to be on the Board or a coach, referee or team manager on their team for our Program to function and thrive.
  • Players can expect to play 3/4 of the game but are only required to play 1/2 the game. The coach will determine how many quarters each player on a team will play. Players should expect to play all positions on the field during a season and coaches are instructed not to listen to pleas from player agents or more commonly referred to as parents.
  • Players receive a full uniform kit, trophies and awards (depending on the age, not all kids will receive a trophy), team photo and player photo package, access to skills camps and clinics, advanced player development training by our professional paid coaching staff, trained team coaches, region, area and section playoffs and the All-Star program.
  • All players are eligible to tryout for our competitive teams called EXTRA and our club teams called PSC.
  • Player’s League Age or Division is set based on their age on July 31, 2015. All players must play in the appropriate Division regardless of grade. The teams are divided by gender and designated with a U which stands for “under”. Divisions are split into single age divisions until players reach U10. After U10, it is mixed age divisions in U12, U14, U16 & U19 (Spring is combined in all age divisions). For a helpful tool to determining the proper age and division for players, CLICK HERE.
  • We do have a play up Policy here in Ladera, please click here for more info on that. Absolutely no play ups will be granted solely on a desire to play with kids in same grade. Requests to play down a division are not allowed for any reason.
  • Players are evaluated at the end of each playing season from U7 up to aid the coaches in drafting their team. The draft helps to ensure the competitive integrity of the League.
  • All players must show a valid birth certificate or proof of birth for League Verification at one of the New Player Age Verification Days to be eligible to be placed on a team. If the system does not show that a birth certificate has ever been verified by the league, the League reserves the right to ask that player to bring a valid birth certificate or proof of birth.
  • All players who are registered, paid and DOB has been verified will be drafted to a team barring there are enough coaches. Un-registered players who do not complete registration, pay and verify their birth date by the drafts will be dropped from the League and no refund will be issued.
  • Two Coaches per team may pair up and automatically draft each of their children. However, no more than two coaches’ players may be automatically drafted to a team. Siblings in the same age group and of the same gender will be placed on the same team unless otherwise requested.
  • Parents may advise the League of any coach they do not want their player to play for however this must occur prior to the draft as no accommodation will be made after the draft. No other requests will be allowed.
  • To participate in Ladera Ranch AYSO, parents must complete at least one Volunteer Application during registration for one of the family’s players. This agreement among other things provides secondary insurance coverage for the players and volunteers.
  • For a full list of FAQ’s, Click Here or click on the FAQ button near the bottom of the home page.

**Family Discount: Registration fee for up to 3 players as posted. Every subsequent player registered in the same family is registered at no additional fee. Family Discounts do not apply to EXTRA.**

**NO Refunds after July 31. See REFUND POLICY for full information.**

**NO partial refunds for All Season Package after July 31**

**All EXTRA players pay an additional fee, this fee is 100% non-refundable once paid**

*We reserve the right to close registration early due to balancing of divisions, available permitted field space and proper number of coaches.

To complete your registration, please remember to bring:

  1. printed copies of your completed application.
  2. 1 printed copy of your volunteer application along with a valid I.D.
  3. Copy of your player’s birth certificate if this is the first time playing in our region.
  4. Check made out to AYSO 1455.